Temporary Car Insurance

Day InsuranceIn conjunction with a leading UK provider of short term car/van policy, we can offer you a motor insurance solution providing temporary car or van insurance for a period of 1–28 days.

The scheme caters for a wide range of different scenarios, see insurer site for full details. This product is not suitable if you intend to travel or export a vehicle outside of the UK. No advice has been provided in respect of the suitability of this contract.

1 Day Car Insurance | Van Insurance

Daily Car Insurance

Daily Car Insurance

The one to 28 days car and van insurance product meets the demands and needs of people who require immediate, short-term insurance to drive in the United Kingdom and to cover them for a period of between 1 to 28 days against accident, fire or theft damage to their vehicle, as well as their legal obligations or third party claims. This product is not suitable if you intend to travel or export a vehicle outside of the UK. No advice has been provided in respect of the suitability of this contract.

Short Term Car Insurance

Please check the temporary car insurance policy documents, keyfacts and any terms and conditions before commtitting to buying the cover. Insurance cover is subject to our customer acceptance criteria. Cover details and the full policy wording are available to download from the dayinsure website.

Daily Car Insurance

If you need car insurance for 1 day or up to a maximum of 28 days click on the instant quote and buy button. Please make sure that before you go on cover that you have read the acceptance criteria including the policy wording and key facts documents to make sure that this product meets your requirements.

Car insurance is a type of insurance policy which secures a car owner against damages and claims made by a third party. When a car owner has this type of insurance plan, the insurance company pays for the losses incurred when the car gets damaged in an accident. Also, if there are some injuries to third party or damage to property of third party, the insurance company is liable to pay for all the damages if the owner of the car has an appropriate insurance plan.

Car insurance can be purchased for a short term or long term. The difference between short term car insurance and long term car insurance lies mainly in the time period for which the policy applies and the benefits that are offered.

Short term car insurance is a type of temporary insurance plan which one can buy when one wants insurance for a vehicle while on a holiday. It can also be applicable for an additional vehicle. This type of insurance basically offers protection when a person has purchased a new car and is not able to get full insurance. Another advantage of this type of insurance plan is that one can add a new driver for the vehicle which is insured or one can even drive someone else’s car. This means that one can drive a car for a short while without any type of commitments.

Short term car insurance is applicable for all types of vehicles. This type of insurance plan is available for a period ranging between one day and 28 days. The policy also covers any damages that may be caused during the period for which the policy is applicable. Anyone who is 21 years of age and plans to drive for a short time period can purchase this type of insurance policy.

There are several benefits which are offered by one day car insurance policy:

  • This type of a policy is available easily. The processing of this type of policy does not take a very long time. This is as opposed to a long term insurance plan which takes a lot of time for processing.
  • One can buy the same policy for a temporary vehicle as well as the new vehicle that one is using.
  • One can buy this policy for the specific time for which the vehicle will be in use. This is because the policy is available for a period ranging between 1 day and one month.
  • One can purchase a short term policy even if one has a long term policy without affecting either of the policies and the benefits offered.

There are a few drawbacks of short term car insurance as well. One is that this type of policy is more expensive as compared to other types of policies. This means that one has to pay a larger amount of premium for this type of policy. Another disadvantage is that the short term plan may or may not cover repair charges.

When buying short term car insurance plan, there are several things that must be kept in mind. The first is that one has to be sure that the company from which the insurance plan is to be purchased is a renowned one and has good reputation. It is also important that the benefits offered by the insurance company be known by the buyer. Also the policy holder must ensure that all the necessary documents are in hand and are also provided by the insurance company. This is necessary because all documents are required when the policy holder has to file for claims.


Short term car insurance is like a temporary insurance policy available for a limited period of time. This type of insurance has pros and cons which must be evaluated before buying the policy.