Self Drive Hire Insurance

Cheap self drive hire policyIn conjunction with Insure Car Hire we can provide a vehicle rental system for Self Drive Hire with built in insurance cover. We can quote for companies providing credit hire vehicle, Accident Management Companies requiring self-drive hire insurance cover. Please complete the form below as much as you can and one of our self-drive hire insurance experts will call you back.

Self-Drive Hire Vehicle Insurance

Not only does our system provide you with self-drive hire insurance cover but it also has built in booking forms and rental agreements.

Self Drive Hire System Features and Benefits

  • Low cost vehicle rental insurance system working 24-7. Simple and easy to use.
  • Full telephone help and support available during office hours.
  • We provide flexible underwriting to meet the needs of the self-drive hire operators and accident management companies.
  • Our self drive hire insurance system is available online, suitable for single or multi-site operations.
  • Booking form and rental agreements provided as part of our self drive hire insurance system.
  • All car hire transactions confirmed electronically with our online system.
  • Pay as you go self-drive hire insurance – same as a pay as you go mobile phone.
  • No service contract with our car rental system.
  • No software to install. Our system is available online 24/7.