The Eye of Ra (English Edition) par Michael Asher

The Eye of Ra (English Edition) par Michael Asher

Titre de livre: The Eye of Ra (English Edition)

Auteur: Michael Asher

Broché: 320 pages

Date de sortie: February 11, 2015

Éditeur: Endeavour Media

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Michael Asher avec The Eye of Ra (English Edition)

Julian Cranwell, obsessed by his search for a legendary lost city, has disappeared in Cairo.

His colleague, Omar Ross, a maverick archaeologist, sets out to find out what could have happened to him when he discovers a panicked voice-mail from Julian.

Someone is coming for him, he says, someone after the ‘Akhnaton ushabtis’…

He immediately flies to Cairo and finds the body of his friend. He starts talking to Julian’s friends and family, including his friend Kolpos and his gorgeous Greek assistant, Elena.

It turns out Julian was referring to the ancient tomb of Akhnaton, almost a myth to the world.

But Julian had found some long lost artefacts and taken it to expert Robert Rabjohn who confirms that they are the real thing.

When Ross finds strange connections between the deaths of Julian, Tutankhamen, Howard Carter and Orde Wingate, all years apart, he becomes concerned for his own safety.

Julian’s body goes missing and then a strange message is found which says ‘Let the Eye of Ra descend’, referring to the ancient God Ra who sent his Eye to slay all the human beings…

Every contact and every informant he speaks to disappears.

How long will it be before the culprits catch up with him too?

Threatened, almost friendless, Ross turns for help to his mother’s people, the Bedouin Hawazim tribe.

It is only with their help, that he can solve the mystery of The Eye of Ra…

Michael Asher served in the Parachute Regiment and SAS. A fluent Arab speaker, he has lived for years among the Bedouin peoples. He has made expeditions in many countries, always preferring to travel on foot or with animal transport. He is also the author of ‘Shoot to Kill: From 2 Para to the SAS’.

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