Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare! par Marcia Williams

Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare! par Marcia Williams

Titre de livre: Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare!

Auteur: Marcia Williams

Broché: 40 pages

Date de sortie: September 1, 2009

ISBN: 9781406323351

Éditeur: Walker Books Ltd

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Marcia Williams avec Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare!

Seven classic Shakespeare plays are presented in an accessible comic strip format. The Globe Theatre is delighted to announce a new season of Mr. William Shakespeare's plays! Prithee take your place once more for a performance of seven of the Bard's finest tales. See "As You Like It", "Antony and Cleopatra", "Richard III", "Twelfth Night", "King Lear", "The Merchant of Venice" and "Much Ado About Nothing" - each brilliantly presented in dramatic comic-strip form, including Mr Shakespeare's own dialogue and the riotous remarks of the audience. Bravo! Reissued with a new cover look, this brings Marcia Williams' dramatic take on Shakespeare right up-to-date for a modern audience.