Meditations (English Edition) par Marcus    Aurelius

Meditations (English Edition) par Marcus Aurelius

Titre de livre: Meditations (English Edition)

Auteur: Marcus Aurelius

Broché: 354 pages

Date de sortie: November 3, 2018

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Marcus Aurelius avec Meditations (English Edition)

Marcus Aurelius was born in Rome in 121 AD and would become its Emperor from 161 to 180. Considered by Machiavelli as the last of the good Emperors, Marcus Aurelius would become one of the most important of the Stoic philosophers. The "Meditations," which he wrote in Greek, are among the most noteworthy expressions of this system, and exhibit it favorably on its practical side. The work is a series of twelve books that he intended for his own guidance and self-improvement, which picture with faithfulness the mind and character of this noblest of the Emperors. Simple in style and sincere in tone, they record for all time the height reached by pagan aspiration in its effort to solve the problem of conduct.